The Bowhike Podcast

Episode 05: “The Story Through the Lens” with Sage Davis of Chasing Moby

August 4, 2018

In this Podcast I sit down with my buddy Sage to dig in to his passion for filming encounters and creating hunting films. If you have ever wondered what goes into creating a professional quality hunting film this podcast should give you some insight into that. Sage gets deep into the creativity aspect and the passion required more than the equipment and technique. Grab your notebook and a pen, there's a ton of good information in this one. If you listen to this one through, you will gain a whole new respect for the guys and girls that consistently put out good content. Thanks Sage.


Contact information:

Sage Davis

IG: @chasingmoby

Youtube: Chasing Moby

Royce Chambers

IG: @rbc_hunts

Facebook: The Bowhike Podcast

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